Charles T. Dante and Charlie Smith of Dante Valve joined thousands of delegates from around the world at the Pacific2012 International Maritime Exposition in Sydney, Australia, from January 31-February 3, 2012. The event is recognized internationally as a significant forum for the commercial maritime and naval defense industries in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

The trade show offered Dante Valve the ideal platform for building business in a region where the Australian government plans to initiate a series of naval acquisition and upgrade projects worth more than $70 billion during the next 10 years. This includes future submarine and frigate programs, as well as a new fleet of offshore combatant vessels and upgrades to existing ships and submarines.

“At Pacific2012, we sought business opportunities that will add value to Dante Valve over the long term. We want to capitalize on the tremendous growth that the Australian naval and maritime industry will experience in the near future,” said Dante, Chief Executive Officer. “The venue allowed us to cultivate relationships with existing customers from around the globe and introduce Dante products to new and potential customers.”

“The Asia-Pacific region will be an important area of ship construction in the coming years. During our trip we met with shipbuilders and representatives from governmental agencies that could become Dante business partners,” said Smith, General Manager of Dante Valve’s East Coast facility.

The exposition attracted record attendance of more than 15,500, including 411 exhibitor companies from 17 countries, and numerous Australian government officials. In addition, 45 international delegations of naval chiefs and senior officials from about 30 countries were among the attendees. The forum incorporated 14 major conferences, seminars and workshops for maritime and naval professionals.

“There is no other similar gathering of senior naval and industry leaders in Australia, or indeed the southern hemisphere,” said Pacific CEO Ian Honnery. “The Pacific International Maritime Exposition is all about building and nurturing relationships between business partners and stakeholders, promoting business and export opportunities for Australian naval and maritime companies and the development of Australia’s technical and industrial capabilities.”