Leveraging our Legacy™ as a Trusted Valve Provider to the US Navy and More

From mission-critical military uses or rugged commercial and industrial applications, the Dante Valve Company has a long history, rooted in family, of delivering nothing less than the best in engineering excellence, and customer-focused professional support.

Family Owned

Quality Driven

Service Oriented

Our Mission

Dante Valve delivers top-quality products and services for military and industrial applications. Our success is driven by developing valued relationships and exceeding our customers’ expectations. 

A Company and a Name
You Can Count On

When Thomas C. Dante was working as a thoroughbred racehorse trainer in the late 1950s, little did he know that one day his grandchildren would carry on one of his most enduring legacies—running a family business.

A third-generation company, Dante Valve Company first began as a garage venture out of Tom’s California home and has, through the generations, grown to become one of the leading manufacturers, distributors and assemblers of military and commercial specification pressure relief valves, regulators, fittings and flanges.

It didn’t take long for Tom’s growing business to become a family affair, as sons Mike and Chuck joined Dante Valve early on in their careers.

Business was good, but the Dantes became increasingly frustrated with the way valve manufacturers operated – quotes and deliveries had extremely long lead times and the Dantes were determined to find a better way.

Chuck, Tom and Mike Dante
(L-R) Chuck, Tom and Mike Dante

Dante Valve Distributor

A Valve Manufacturer Who Thinks Like a Valve Distributor

Seeing an opportunity to offer higher-quality manufacturing and more responsive and reliable customer service, Chuck, Mike and Tom took a leap, and in 1983, started the Danco Valve Company, a sister company solely dedicated to manufacturing pressure relief valves for U.S. Navy service. “We’re going to be a manufacturer that thinks like a distributor,” Chuck famously said.

Winning business, especially with customers at the caliber of the U.S. Navy, was no easy task for a new, but growing, business. Chuck spent years touring Navy shipyards, building relationships and demonstrating the company’s new relief valves, usually carrying the 30-40 lb. valves in his luggage. Working day and night, Chuck built a network of customers who were looking for a partner dedicated to serve.

Danco Valve’s inventory policy completely transformed the industry, delivering mil-spec valves within 24 hours. Prior to Danco Valve’s inception, competitive manufacturers took more than 30 days to quote standard inquiries and as long as one year to deliver product.

As Danco Valve continued to flourish, the company established a second location in Norfolk, Virginia to meet the increased demand. Over time, the two companies, Dante Valve and Danco Valve, eventually merged to become one, and Danco took its place as the company’s flagship brand.

Quality and Service – Coast to Coast

Today, Dante Valve employs more than 60 full-time staff across three locations where it manufactures and distributes military-specification pressure relief Danco valves, and is a factory-authorized loose assembler for Kunkle Valve safety relief valves and industrial products. The company is also a distributor of TRAC automatic pressure and temperature regulators, and fittings and flanges for the U.S. Navy and industrial applications.

Dante Valve’s Danco pressure relief valves are installed across all U.S. Navy vessels, including Nimitz and Ford class aircraft carriers, Arleigh Burke and Zumwalt class destroyers, San Antonio class amphibious transport dock assault ships, America class amphibious helicopter landing assault ships, and Virginia class submarines.

Still headquartered on the West Coast in Long Beach, California, Dante Valve also has production facilities in Bellflower, California and Norfolk, Virgina with close proximity to naval shipyards. In 2021, it announced expansion plans for increased production and investments in the company’s manufacturing capabilities.

Today, the company is led by a third generation of Dantes, with Lisa Dante Papini at the helm as President, Matt Dante as Vice President and Mike Dante, who recently celebrated 50 years with the company, as Senior Vice President.

Kunkle Valve safety relief valve

Dante Valve core values

From Coast to Coast, We Are Engineered to Deliver

Dante Valve valve schematic example

Engineering Excellence

Our valves are the proven choice for ultimate reliability.

  • All pressure relief valves are tested to 100% leak-free accuracy
  • We hold V, UV and VR certifications
  • Custom engineering available to master specialized applications
  • Conformance to military standards and commercial specifications

Vast Product Portfolio

We’ve hand-picked every product in our portfolio and keep an extensive inventory so our customers have what they need, when they need it including:

  • Leading safety and relief valve brands manufactured to stringent specifications for all applications and extreme operating environments
  • Comprehensive accessory products such as fittings, flanges and drip pan elbows

Sample of Dante Valve's Product Portfolio

Dante Valve Family

Generational Expertise Ready to Serve

Everyone at the Dante Valve Company understands the critical nature of your work, and many of our employees have been with us for decades. Our people genuinely love what they do, and it shows. From start to finish, Dante Valve can help with:

  • Product selection guidance, training and installation support
  • 24/7 availability from our technical specialists to help keep your valves optimized
  • Assuring the supply chain of readily available repair parts
  • Expediting orders for same-day shipping
  • Expert valve repair service on both the East and West coasts

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