Drip Pan Elbow

Model Description:

Kunkle Drip Pan Elbow Drawing
Drawing (PDF)

Dante Valve recommends the use of a Drip Pan Elbow in conjunction with a steam service safety valve. Drip Pan Elbows can prevent injury and damage to people, equipment or supplies located near the safety valve or discharge piping. When attached to a safety valve outlet, the Drip Pan Elbow collects, removes and returns condensate to safe areas, and isolates the valve from discharge piping stresses. This keeps the safety valve from filling with water.

Drip Pan Elbows also help improve the performance and longevity of the safety valve by alleviating axial loads, preventing defective operations and shut-off. Drip Pan Elbows are compatible with all ASME safety valves and are easily installed on female NPT or flanged outlets.

Dante Valve offers Drip Pan Elbows featuring consistently high quality workmanship and materials. We stock all sizes 3/4″ through 10″ for immediate delivery.

Depending on specific usage, Dante Valve recommends a Drip Pan Elbow be used in conjunction with the following Kunkle steam safety valves:

Additional information can be found in the Keckley catalogKunkle Catalog, or Contact Dante Valve.

Installation Guidelines:

  • Drip Pan Elbows must be provided with a suitable unrestricted self-draining source.
  • The length of discharge piping must be minimized.
  • For flanged outlets, companion flanges, drip pan elbow and short nipple must be the same size as valve outlet or larger.
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