Pressure Reducing Valve & Pressure Relief Valve Packages

As a benefit to our customers, Dante Valve Company and TRAC Regulator Co., Inc. offer packages of military specification pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves. This partnership provides our customers with a single source to fulfill their pressure regulating and pressure relief valve requirements under one purchase order.

Our most popular combined package sales are bronze body/monel trim valves intended for shipboard water and seawater systems. Pressure reducing valves are manufactured by TRAC Regulator in accordance with MIL-V-2042 or ASTM-F-1370; pressure relief valves are manufactured by Danco Valve Company in accordance with MIL-V-24332 and ASTM-F-1508.

Please Contact Us for additional information about Pressure Reducing Valve and Pressure Relief Valve packages.

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