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Request a quote and let us demonstrate what it’s like to work with a partner that puts your needs first, and delivers quality that lasts. Please fill in the form below with some of the parameters required for your purchase of a Kunkle Valve, Danco Valve, TRAC Valve, Aquatrol, Drip Pan Elbow, Fitting or Flange. If you are unsure of the model number of the item you are requesting, use one of the links below to view model numbers and specifications or contact us.

1. Each order starts with your specific needs

We serve you best when we can properly size and specify your relief valve. If you have an NSN, APL, or existing part number, they should be included in your request. If you do not have the above, please provide the following details about your application/end use environment.


  1. Body material
  2. Service
  3. End connection type (inlet and outlet)
  4. Inlet and outlet size
  5. Set pressure or set pressure range
  6. Pressure rating
  7. Code stamp requirements
  8. Any special requirements, if applicable
    1. Flow rate
    2. Reseat pressure
    3. Back pressure
    4. Gagging device
    5. Limit service

Fittings and Flanges:

  1. Material
  2. Connection type
  3. Bolt hole pattern (Navy or commercial)
  4. Manufacturing specification
  5. Pressure rating
  6. Size

2. Our team reviews your request
Once we have all of your specifications, our team will complete an engineering review of every detail – matching up part numbers and stock numbers, verifying flow capacities, and military and commercial specifications for the job – all to ensure the right product match for every order.

3. You submit final approval of your order
Following our engineering review, we will send a quote back to you for your final review. This will include any recommendations or modifications to your initial request. After your final approval, your order will be placed and we’ll set a date to deliver.

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