Danco D48DUU

Demanding maritime environments call for a high-performance shipboard air compressor to efficiently operate pneumatic pump systems, foghorns, ship whistles, and other vital shipboard functions.

With the Danco D48DUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve’s design to exacting MIL-V-22549 standards, your shipboard air compressor can operate smoothly and reliably in critical situations.

Model Descriptions:

Danco D48DUU Shipboard air compressor pressure relief valve drawing
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The Danco D48DUU relief valve is engineered with a bronze construction and top-guided design, coupled with a unique soft seat, threaded cap, and silver brazed inlet and outlet connections for secure and leak-free performance.

The Danco D48DUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve is rated to handle pressures up to 400 PSIG and is designed in full conformance with MIL-V-22549 to ensure reliable performance in the face of the rigorous demands of naval vessels.

Benefits of MIL-V-22549 Compliance:

Dante Valve focuses on meeting the highest military standards for materials and construction to make certain that valves can stand up to the high stakes of maritime operations and the rigorous demands of naval vessel operating conditions.

MIL-V-22549 sets the standard for naval shipboard pressure relief valves for air service, specifying valve design, materials of construction for body and spring housing, pressure-temperature ratings, and other standards.

By focusing on rigorous military specifications, Danco Valves deliver long-lasting, dependable performance, making them the premier MIL-V-22549 compliant valves for shipboard air compressors.

In addition to full conformance with extensive MIL-V-22549 standards, the Danco D48DUU is also shock and vibration-tested to ensure conformance with MIL-S-901C and MIL-STD-167-1, respectively.

The Danco D48DUU provides quick-acting, non-chattering air compressor pressure relief rated to 400 PSIG.

  • Quick-acting, non-chattering pressure relief
  • Corrosion-resistant bronze construction
  • 3/4″ inlet and 1″ outlet connections with leak-free silver braze end connections
  • Pressure relief rated to 400 PSIG
  • Unique soft-seat design provides optimal sealing tightness
  • Full conformance with MIL-V-22549
  • Shock approved in accordance with MIL-S-901C
  • Vibration approved in accordance with MIL-STD-167-1
  • Wire sealed to ensure valve integrity in sensitive operations
  • Comprehensive warranty against defects for materials and workmanship and full manufacturer support for two years after date of installation

For capacity information specific to your application, please contact us.

Standard Materials:

To ensure durability and longevity in marine environments, the Danco D48DUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve is built from materials suited to meet the rigorous demands of shipboard pressure relief on naval vessels.

With a bronze body (ASTM B61) and naval brass bonnet and cap (ASTM B21) aligned with stringent MIL-V-22549 standards, Danco relief valves offer the high corrosion resistance that is essential for reliable and long-term performance in maritime environments.

The D48DUU relief valve’s spring uses high-carbon music wire (ASTM A228) that provides excellent tensile strength ideal for high-stress applications.

  • Body: Bronze/ASTM B61
  • Bonnet & Cap: Naval Brass/ASTM B21
  • Seat, Dsic & Stem: CRES 304/ASTM A276
  • Spring: Music wire/ASTM A228

Weights & Dimensions:

The Danco D48DUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve is thoughtfully designed for compactness in installations where space is at a premium. At 7 lbs., the Danco D48DUU ensures robust construction without compromising ease of handling and installation.

  • Overall Height: 7.37″
  • Center-to-Inlet Face: 3.62″
  • Center-to-Outlet Faced: 3.25″
  • Unit Weight: 7 LBS.

Note: Dimensions include Union Nuts & Tailpieces

DANCO Valve Identification System:

Danco D48DUU Shipboard air compressor pressure relief valve chart

warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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