The Dante Valve Guarantee

Because quality is central to Dante Valve’s business philosophy, we guarantee all Dante Valve products. Danco Valve products are covered by our warranty policy for custom built valves.

Valves we assemble or repair, such as Emerson Automation Solutions’ Kunkle valves or valves repaired under the VR valve repair program, are covered by our limited repair and valve assembly warranty policy. For products other than those previously listed, the original manufacturer’s warranty remains in effect and Dante Valve’s limited repair warranty shall not, and is not intended to, in any way enlarge the scope of a third-party manufacturer’s warranties or any third-party product that Dante Valve services. In addition, Dante Valve does not warrant products that it distributes that are manufactured by third-parties. No warranties either expressed or implied are made by Dante Valve as to such products. Your recourse, if any, shall be solely against the manufacturer of such products and Dante Valve expressly disclaims any warranties or liabilities.’

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