Kunkle Relief Valve Models 803, 818

Models 803 and 818 can be used for air and gas applications – small to medium sized air compressors, multi-stage air compressors, single air compressors, intercoolers, aftercoolers, instrument air lines, control air lines and systems, air tanks air receivers and pressurized equipment. Valves are made from corrosive resistant aluminum (803) and stainless steel (818).

Model Description:

Non-code Air/Gas Relief Valves


  • Factory-sealed to prevent tampering or disassembly.
  • Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage.


  • Small-to-medium-size, single- and multi-stage air compressors, intercoolers, after coolers, instrument/control air lines and systems.
  • Air tanks/receivers and pressurized equipment.

Pressure and Temperature Limits:

  • Model 803
    • 1000 to 6000 PSIG
    • -20° to 185°
  • Model 818
    • 120 and 150 PSIG
    • -20° to 300°F

Please refer to the Kunkle Catalog or Contact Us for additional information.

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