TRAC Style ‘J’

The TRAC Style ‘J’ combination pressure and temperature regulator is basically an internal pilot-operated steam pressure reducing valve with the addition of a provision that automatically modifies the reduced pressure setting as a function of the process temperature by means of a temperature signal feedback circuit into the pilot section. The regulator will automatically control steam flow through the valve in response to changes in the temperature of the controlling medium and/or changes in outlet pressure. The regulating valve requires no external source of power to operate the valve or to detect changes in the temperature of the controlling medium. The valve can be set to control at any temperature within the limits of the temperature range stamped on the nameplate. The standard ranges for Style ‘J’ valves are provided with a 100° F adjustable temperature span.

TRAC Style ‘J’ product specifications:

  • Materials: Bronze or Steel Body, Stainless Steel Trim
  • Sizes: .5″ – 2″
  • End Connections: Flanged I/A/W MIL-F-20042 (bronze), ANSI B16.5 (steel)


  • Mil-V-19772A and Mil-DTL-19772B Type IV, Series 100 (Bronze) and Series 150 (Steel)
  • Pressure Ratings: 100 PSIG and 150 PSIG

Please refer to the TRAC Style ‘J’ Catalog or Contact Us for additional information.

TRAC Style ‘J’ product features:

  • Packless
  • Sensitive Regulation
  • Single-Seated Valve Construction

The TRAC Style ‘J’ combination pressure and temperature regulator should be specified when close temperature control is required. Applications are usually heating situations where the heating medium will be steam, and the steam supply available is at a higher pressure than needed for heating. Any water heater, fuel oil heater or lube oil heater operated from a high-pressure steam source can use a Style ‘J’ combination pressure and temperature regulator advantageously. Process systems of all kinds – dryers, charge heaters, reactors, heat exchangers, cookers, coaters, evaporators, curing ovens and kilns – are potential Style ‘J’ applications.

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