Kunkle Model 930 Certified Safety Relief Valve

This high capacity steam safety relief valve is built to handle low-pressure steam heating boilers such as hot water heaters or industrial office space boilers. Utilized by residential, commercial and manufacturing, this high capacity safety relief valve is durable and sturdy.

Model Description:

ASME Section IV “Steam” Standard, “HV,” National Board Certified.


  • Extra-high capacity for industrial, commercial and residential low-pressure steam heating boilers.
  • Large seat area/guide area ratio and disc pivot design ensure optimum valve performance.
  • Lapped valve seats for optimum performance.
  • Reversible lift lever for “pull-up” or “pull-down” manual testing.
  • Adjustments are factory sealed to prevent tampering or disassembly.
  • Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage.


  • Low-pressure steam heating boilers ASME Code Section IV.

Pressure and Temperature Limits:

  • 15 PSIG only [1 barg]
  • 250°F [121°C]

Please refer to the Kunkle 930 Catalog or Contact Us for additional information.

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