TRAC Style ‘H’

The TRAC Style ‘H’ pressure reducing valve is a self-contained, spring-loaded, direct-operated device for regulating and reducing high-pressure water to any desired operating pressure within the valve’s field adjustable range. The design, construction and materials utilized for the TRAC Style ‘H’ pressure reducing valve are ideally suited for shipboard seawater systems service.

TRAC Style ‘H’ product specifications:

  • Materials: Bronze Body – Extra Heavy Construction, Monel Trim
  • Sizes: .25″ – 6″
  • End Connections:
    • Union End Sil-Braze I/A/W MIL-F-1183
    • Union End I/A/W NAVSEA 803-1385946
    • Flanged I/A/W MIL-F-20042, NAVSEA 803-1385947, ANSI B16.24 or ANSI B16.5


  • MIL-V-2042B, MIL-V-2042D and MIL-V-2042E
  • ASTM F 1370 Type I and Type II, Series 150, 250 and 700
  • Pressure Ratings: 150 PSIG – 700 PSIG

Please refer to the TRAC Style ‘H’ Catalog or Contact Us for additional information.

TRAC Style ‘H’ product features:

  • Accurate Control
  • Packless
  • Tight Closing
  • Guided Top and Bottom
  • Pressure Balance Design for Good Regulation
  • Nongalling Guide Surfaces
  • Micro-Finished Guide Surface
  • Shock and Vibration Tested

The Style ‘H’ pressure reducing valve is available in two variations: Type I and Type II. Type I valves feature a pressure-tight body, spring chamber and bottom cap that forms a pressure-tight envelope capable of withstanding the full-proof pressure rating. In Type II valves, the spring chamber does not form part of the pressure-containing envelope. If no valve type is specified on an order, or if the purchaser has no preference, Type II will be provided.

The TRAC Style ‘H’ pressure reducing valve is a direct replacement (regarding fit and function) for the following manufacturers’ designations (MIL-V-2042D and later specifications): Atlas Valve Company Figure 1910, Charles M Bailey (CMB Industries) Model 30, ITT Lawler Type 2707, Leslie Controls Inc. Class WWBN, Warren Controls Corp. Type 436.

Detailed maintenance instructions for the TRAC Style ‘H’: TRAC Style ‘H’ Commercial Manual H1

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