TRAC Style ‘P’

The TRAC Style ‘P’ (electrically failsafe) temperature regulator is a pilot-operated valve specifically designed to control steam supply to shipboard instantaneous heater systems. The valve will automatically regulate steam flow to the heater coil in response to changes in hot water temperature at the heater outlet. The standard range for Style ‘P’ valve is 120°-180° F. Other ranges are available and are provided with a 60° F adjustable temperature span.

TRAC Style ‘P’ product specifications:

Sizes: 1″ – 2″

Pressure Rating: 100 PSIG

Materials: Bronze Body, Stainless Steel Trim

Service: MIL-DTL-19772B, Type III Class 1 Series 100

End Connections: Union End Sil-Braze I/A/W MIL-F-1183

Please refer to the TRAC Style ‘P’ Catalog or Contact Us for additional information.

To prevent overheating upon failure of the thermostatic element, the valve is provided with an electrically operated safety feature. A solenoid valve is incorporated on the inlet side pilot tube line. The solenoid provided is normally closed. In order to operate the temperature regulator, the solenoid valve must be energized. Upon failure of the thermostatic element, loss of electric current to the solenoid, or if any other valve malfunction causes the hot water outlet temperature to overheat, the solenoid valve will close, shutting off inlet pressure to the valve piston, thereby closing the temperature regulating valve.

For detailed maintenance instructions for the TRAC Style ‘P’ product line: TRAC Style ‘P’ Commercial Manual

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