Danco D48CUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve

Critical shipboard safety features such as foghorns, ship whistles, as well as the pneumatic pumps for water, oil, and bilges that keep vital systems running smoothly, all depend on reliable performance from your shipboard air compressor.

The Danco D48CUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve offers robust construction and impeccable quality that provides reliable functionality in the most demanding shipboard environments.

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What are the uses of shipboard relief valves?

In maritime operations, the safe and efficient transport of steam, air, and other fluids is essential. Shipboard overpressure prevention systems such as steam pressure relief valves and air compressor relief valves maintain a safe and efficient shipboard environment by preventing damage to equipment or health hazards to the crew.

In particular, shipboard air compressor relief valves prevent the pressure within air-driven systems from exceeding system limits. This ensures proper and safe functionality for:

  • Control systems, instrumentation, and general-purpose pneumatic tools
  • Air receiver tanks
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Ballast control systems
  • Air start systems for internal combustion engines
  • Pneumatic steering systems

The Danco D48CUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve is built to ensure reliable performance for these systems and other shipboard systems.

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Model Descriptions:

Shipboard air compressor pressure relief valve Danco D48CUU drawing
Drawing (PDF)

The Danco D48CUU is manufactured from naval bronze construction. It boasts a soft-seat design and threaded cap to provide shipboard air compressor pressure relief rated to 400 PSIG.

This valve is designed in full conformance with MIL-V-22549 to meet the demanding requirements of shipboard environments. Connections include a 1/2″ inlet and 1″ outlet with silver brazing for strong, sealed, leak-proof joints.

Backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty and complete manufacturer support, the Danco D48CUU is an industry-leading pressure relief solution for shipboard air compressors.


Discover what makes Danco Valves industry-leading mil-spec relief valves. With the Danco D48CUU, your shipboard air compressor can rely on a quick-acting valve with a unique soft-seat design for optimal sealing tightness and precise pressure relief. This valve is shock and vibration-tested and boasts a comprehensive two-year warranty against defects. These high standards ensure a long-lasting, dependable shipboard pressure relief solution.

The Danco D48CUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve also features wire sealing to prevent unauthorized tampering. This feature ensures an extra layer of security for sensitive maritime operations.

  • Quick-acting, non-chattering, smooth guiding
  • Silver brazing for strong, leak-proof joints
  • Pressure relief rated to 400 PSIG
  • Unique soft-seat design for optimal sealing tightness
  • Designed in accordance with MIL-V-22549
  • Shock approved in accordance with MIL-S-901C
  • Vibration approved in accordance with MIL-STD-167-1
  • Wire sealed to prevent unauthorized tampering
  • Comprehensive warranty against defects for materials and workmanship for two years after date of installation
  • Complete manufacturer support

For capacity information specific to your application, please contact us.

Standard Materials:

Shipboard air compressor relief valves require high-quality materials appropriate to the conditions of marine environments. The D48CUU relief valve incorporates the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

The bronze body (ASTM B61) and naval brass bonnet and cap provide excellent corrosion resistance to ensure reliable performance. The valve’s spring uses high-quality carbon steel music wire (ASTM A228) ideal for high-stress applications and extreme amounts of tension.

  • Body: Bronze/ASTM B61
  • Bonnet & Cap: Naval Brass/ASTM B21
  • Seat, Disc & Stem: CRES 304/ASTM A276
  • Spring: Music Wire/ASTM A228

Weights & Dimensions:

The compact design of the Danco D48CUU Shipboard Air Compressor Relief Valve makes it suitable for space-conscious shipboard installations. It offers versatility without compromising performance.

  • Overall Height: 7.25″
  • Center-to-Inlet Face: 3.56″
  • Center-to-Outlet Face: 3.25″
  • Unit Weight: 6 LBS.

Note: Dimensions include Union Nuts & Tailpieces

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DANCO Valve Identification System:

Shipboard air compressor pressure relief valve Danco D48CUU chart

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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