Dante Valve merged its sister company Danco Valve into Dante’s operations effective July 31, 2011, which makes Dante a manufacturer, as well as a distributor, of valves and related products. The two companies have been combined to take advantage of operational efficiencies.

Dante Valve is now the premier manufacturer of military specification pressure relief valves, which will continue to be marketed under the Danco Valve name. Danco Valve products are produced primarily for Navy and Marine applications. Dante Valve will maintain an extensive inventory of Danco Valve products, which are available for immediate delivery.

“Dante Valve will continue to support the U.S. Navy fleet with the same exceptional service that Danco provided before the merger,” said Charles T. Dante, President of Danco Valve.

“Making Danco a part of Dante Valve streamlines our operations,” said Michael V. Dante, President of Dante Valve. “We also believe the merger will help to simplify the relationship between Dante Valve and Danco Valve for our customers.”

Dante management founded Danco Valve in 1983 as a service-oriented, naval military-specification relief valve manufacturer with a large inventory of available stock. Danco Valve’s inventory policy transformed the industry, delivering military specification valves within 24 hours. Prior to Danco’s inception, competitive manufacturers took more than 30 days to quote standard inquiries and as long as one year to deliver product.

Dante manufactures Danco products in accordance with MIL-V-24332(2), MIL-V-22549D, MIL-V-20065 Revisions C and D, and ASTM F1508. Specialty products are manufactured in accordance with customers’ specifications or applicable engineering documents. Visit www.dantevalve.com/danco-pressure-relief-valves/ for more information about Danco Valve products